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  • Studying a diagram set

    You can study a diagram set on the Quizlet website and iOS app using Learn or Match. We're working on adding m...

    Aug 21, 2017 10:36AM PDT
  • Using Learn

    The New Quizlet Learn — now available on the Quizlet website, iOS and Android apps — takes the guesswork out o...

    Oct 12, 2017 11:22AM PDT
  • Using Write

    You can still use the original version of Learn as Write! Write measures how well you know your definitions an...

    Aug 21, 2017 10:41AM PDT
  • Using Flashcards

    Flashcards mode lets you study Quizlet sets as flashcards. The basics After you click on the Flashcards mod...

    Jun 28, 2017 03:39PM PDT
  • Using Spell

    Spell lets you type what you hear to practice your spelling. This mode works well for studying a new language,...

    Jun 28, 2017 03:39PM PDT
  • Using Test

    Use Test mode to practice before a quiz or exam to make sure you've got the material down. You can choose diff...

    Jun 28, 2017 03:40PM PDT
  • Playing Match

    Race against the clock the match your terms and definitions as quickly as possible — and compete with your cla...

    Nov 02, 2017 01:45PM PDT
  • Playing Gravity

    Type your answers as the asteroids fall. Each right answer gets you one step closer to leveling up. As you pas...

    Mar 15, 2017 04:49PM PDT
  • Long-Term Learning

    Long-Term Learning is a Quizlet Plus feature based on the concept of spaced repetition. It helps you study mor...

    Jun 28, 2017 03:40PM PDT

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