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Selling Premium Content on Quizlet

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018 09:25AM PST

Quizlet Premium Content offers paid study guides created by world-class publishers, expert educators and nonprofit organizations to help students achieve their study goals.

For partners, Quizlet Premium Content is a way to generate revenue and reach new customers. Quizlet has over 50 million monthly users who create and study content on their website and mobile apps. These users will be able to search, discover, purchase, and study your content on Quizlet’s learning platform.  


How do I sell my content on Quizlet?

Educational content creators interested in selling Premium Content on Quizlet can apply to our Quizlet Verified Creators Program here. You can also learn more about selling Premium Content by checking out our Partners Page.

Who is eligible to be a Premium Content creator?

Quizlet welcomes all educational experts and content creators to apply to become Verified Creators and offer their Premium Content on our platform for students to purchase and study.


Is Quizlet Premium Content focused on specific subject areas?

We are excited to invite experts to publish Premium Content across every imaginable field that students want to learn!


I’m a professor or teacher. Can I sell my content on Quizlet?

Yes!  If you’re a professor or teacher who wants to offer Premium Content, please apply to our Quizlet Verified Creators Program here.

How is content priced?

Students can purchase an entire study guide or an individual set within a study guide, which gives students the flexibility to purchase a customized selection of targeted content. While Quizlet has minimum prices, the end price is set by the content creator.

What are the minimum content requirements?

Your account must have a minimum of 2 complete study guides, 20 sets and 200 terms in order to be eligible for sale. All the study guides must also comply with the requirements of the Quizlet Community Guidelines, Honor Code, and Terms of Service.

Do all of my sets need to have an image?

While images are not a requirement, they are highly recommended as they help the content feel rich and premium. To ensure the best fit with your content, we recommend you use original images. If you’d like to use sourced images, in order to ensure quality and consistency, they must be purchased from a professional stock photo provider, such as Shutterstock, Adobe, or iStock.

Do I have to add all of my content at once?

No. You can add more content that meets the minimum requirements in any future launch.

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