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Studying Premium Content on Quizlet

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 05:19PM PST

Quizlet Premium Content is a collection of paid study guides created by publishers, nonprofit organizations, experienced educators and content experts. Much of Quizlet’s Premium Content directly aligns with textbooks, online classes, and standardized tests, saving students time by offering ready-made sets created by trusted experts.  

Purchasing Quizlet Premium Content

Quizlet users can purchase access to Premium Content from the Quizlet Premium Content Marketplace.

Don’t worry -- it’s still free to create your own study sets and study user-generated content on Quizlet.

Premium Content can only be purchased on the Quizlet website, but you can study it on both the website and the mobile apps.

Studying Premium Content

All of your Premium Content can be viewed from the Purchased tab. To view your purchased content on the Quizlet website, go to your logged-in home page and select Your Study Sets from the left sidebar. Then, select the Purchased tab.
Screenshot of purchased tab on Quizlet website

You can view your purchased sets on the Quizlet iOS app by going to your home screen, going to sets and tapping View all. Then, tap the Purchased tab.  

Screenshot of purchased tab on iOS
You can study Premium Content just as you would other Quizlet content.

What type of content is available for purchase?

Currently, we offer Premium Content on various topics including but not limited to science, test prep and certification, and language learning.

Science topics range from anatomy and physiology to chemistry. Language-learning content is available for English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Chinese (with additional languages pending). Test preparation content covers the MCAT, USMLE COMLEX, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, LSAT, PSAT and more. For a list of all Quizlet Premium Content, please check out our Premium Content page.


Why can’t I customize, print, share or export Premium Content?

Users can purchase a year of access to Premium Content across all devices. But because the Quizlet users don’t own the content itself, they cannot customize, print, share or export it.

How can I sell Premium Content on Quizlet?

Quizlet partners with individuals, publishers, and nonprofit organizations who have a presence in academia. For more information on becoming a content creator, click here.

Can I purchase and study Premium Content on the Quizlet iOS or Android app?

Currently, Premium Content is only available for purchase on the Quizlet website. You can study Premium Content on both the website and iOS mobile apps. Currently, Premium Content is not available for Android.

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