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Teacher Quick-start Guide: Creating a class and adding your students

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018 12:24PM PST
Quizlet classes are an effective way to organize and share study sets with your students.
By creating a class on Quizlet, you can share multiple study sets with your students at the same time. You can also organize your sets by creating a class for each period you teach, different subjects, etc. Read on to learn how to create a new class, invite your students, and add study sets for them to review!
Looking to create a class on your mobile device? Please see the Creating a class on iOS or Android articles.

Creating a class on the Quizlet website

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Select Create a class on the left sidebar of your logged-in homepage.Screenshot of logged in activity feed sidebar with create a class highlighted
  3. Enter a name for your class and a description (optional)
  4. If you want your students to be able to add study sets to the class or invite new class members, check the box next to Allow other members to add sets and new members
  5. Type or select your school’s name. If you've created or joined classes in the past, you'll see a list of recently-accessed schools to choose from. If your school isn’t listed, select Don’t see your school to search for it or add it to the list.Screenshot of Create a class modal
  6. Then, select Create class.

Adding study sets to your class

You can use your class to organize and share sets that you’d like your students to study. To do that, select Add sets at the top of your class page.

Screenshot of class page with add sets icon highlighted
You can choose to add sets you've created, sets in your folders, or sets you've studied by selecting the plus icon next to a set title. Quizlet will send notification emails to all class members whenever new sets are added to their classes.
If you'd like to create a new set to add to your class, you can do that from this page as well.

Screenshot of Add a set modal with plus icon highlighted 

Inviting students to join your class

You can invite your students to join your class in a number of different ways. To be invited to a class, students need a Quizlet account. Please see this article for help getting your students signed up for a free Quizlet account.
Having students join your class using the Class join link

The easiest way to have students join your class is to share your unique Class Join Link (available at the top of your class page) with them.

Screenshot of class page with class join link highlighted
Students join your class by logging into their Quizlet account, then typing or pasting the Class Join Link into their browser. (Please note that Class Join Links are case sensitive.) Then, students should select Join Class to become class members.

Screenshot of class page with Join class icon highlighted 
 Once your students have joined your class, their usernames will be visible under the members tab.  


Why don’t I see the option to create a class?

The option to create a class is only available for users who are 13 years of age or older. If you do not see the option to create a class, it’s possible that your account does not reflect that you are over 13. To change the date of birth on your account, please contact our support team.

Can I see if my students are studying the class sets?
If you have purchased a Quizlet Teacher subscription, you can monitor the study activity of your class members through the Class Progress feature.

How many classes can I have?

You can create up to eight classes with a free Quizlet account, and an unlimited number of classes with a Quizlet Teacher subscription.

I show students that are pending, how do I approve them? 

Student’s memberships show as pending when they have not accepted your email invitation to join the class. To add these students to your class, ask them to open their “Invitation to join _____ class on Quizlet” email, and select Accept invitation.  After they accept your invitation, if they are signed into Quizlet, they will be sent directly to your class and their usernames will appear in the list of class members.

How do I add my students to my class via Google Classroom?

Once you have created a Quizlet class, you can link it to your Google Classroom and send invitations to your students. Please see Using Google classroom with Quizlet classes for more details.

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