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Flexible grading in written study modes

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 05:47AM PDT

Studying a set with terms that have more than one definition? Or a question with more than one correct answer?

You can choose to have Quizlet's written study modes require one answer or all answers to get questions marked as correct. On the Quizlet website, we offer flexible grading for Learn, Spell, Test and Gravity. 

Read on to learn how to adjust your grading options and create sets that support flexible grading!

Enabling flexible grading on the Quizlet website

Go to a set page and select LearnSpellTest, or Gravity. Open the Options menu, then select +Show grading options

Check the box next to Require one answer only to have answers marked as correct if they contain at least one of the correct options included in a definition. 

Please note that you can only open Options in Gravity before starting a game.

Once you select Require one answer only in a written study mode for a particular set, that preference will automatically be applied to all other supported modes. 

Flexible grading is off by default, and it's easy to disable it from the Options menu. If you uncheck the box next to Require one answer only, answers will be marked as correct only when they contain all options included in a definition.  

Editing a study set to include multiple correct answers

To ensure that flexible grading works properly, multiple correct answers in a definition must be separated by a comma ( , ), slash ( / ) or semicolon ( ; ). 

For example, if you want Quizlet to accept both "to take on" and "to put on" as a correct definition for the French verb "endosser," you should format your definition like this: 


Why can't I enable flexible grading in Write mode?

Currently, this feature is available for Learn, Test, Spell and Gravity on the Quizlet website. We're planning to add it to Write on the website as well, but haven't confirmed a release date yet. 

How do I enable flexible grading on the Quizlet iOS or Android app?

We're working hard to finish adding flexible grading to Learn and Test modes on our iOS and Android apps and hope to have it ready soon!

What are the default settings for flexible grading?

Flexible grading is off by default. Once you enable it for a set on the Quizlet website, it will be enabled in all supported modes. To disable flexible grading for a particular study mode on a set, go to Options and uncheck the box next to Require one answer only

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