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Studying your most-missed terms with stars

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 09:48AM PDT

You can use stars on the Quizlet website (and mobile apps) to focus on the terms you want to spend extra time reviewing.

Starring terms from a set page

To star terms, open a set page and mark the terms you want to review by selecting the star icon to the right of a definition. 

Static screenshot of Quizlet set page with terms starred to focus on while studying
If you want to star a group of terms all at once, hold down the Shift key and select the star icon next to a term. Then, keep holding Shift and select the star next to the last term you want included. 

This will automatically star all of the terms in between, and also works to unstar groups of terms. 

Static screenshot of a Quizlet set page with arrows pointing at the star icons next to two terms

To unstar a term, select the star icon a second time. Once a term has been unstarred, the star will change from yellow back to white. 

When you've studied a set and answered questions correctly and incorrectly, Quizlet will sort the terms based on how often you got them right. 

To focus on the terms you got wrong, you can choose Select these (#) to star all of the terms in the Often Missed or Sometimes Missed categories. 

Static screenshot of a Quizlet set page showing terms grouped by how often they were answered correctly or incorrectly

Studying your starred terms

Once you've starred some terms, select the Starred button at the top of the set page. 

Static screenshot of a Quizlet set page with the Starred button at the top of the page highlighted

Select the study mode you'd like to use and Quizlet will start a study session using only your starred terms. 

To switch from a starred study session to a regular study session, open the Options menu in any study mode. 

Static screenshot of the Options menu in any Quizlet study mode
You might find it helpful to start by starring all of your terms, and then unstar terms as you master them!



How can I study all of the terms I've starred in different sets?

First, add all of your sets with starred terms to a folder

From your folder page, select Study and choose a mode. Then, open the Options menu and select Study starred to review all of the starred terms in your sets.

Am I able to print just starred terms?

No, though that may be a printing option we add in the future.

Do my students see the terms I've starred?

When you star terms in a set, only you can see them. This makes it possible for more than one person to star terms in the same set. We recommend adding a description to a set to let your students know what to focus on if you don't want them to review all of the terms.

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