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Bookmarking a folder

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017 03:18PM PDT

If you'd like to save another Quizlet user's folder to your own account, you can bookmark it. When you bookmark a folder, Quizlet adds a link to that folder to the sidebar on your logged-in homepage. Whenever the creator of the folder adds a new set, you'll see that set on the bookmarked folder page.

Bookmarking another user's folder

You can see folders created by other Quizlet users by going to their profile pages. Select Folders to view a list of their folders, and then select the title of a folder to view a list of the sets in that folder. To bookmark the folder, open the More menu and select Bookmark

You can study or share your bookmarked folders, but you cannot add or remove sets. To remove a bookmarked folder, go to the folder page and open the More menu, then select Remove Bookmark

Folders you bookmark will be displayed in the Bookmarked Folders section of the sidebar on your logged-in homepage so you can differentiate them from folders you create. 

Other users bookmarking your folders

Any folder on Quizlet can be bookmarked, but private sets you add to a folder will not be visible to other Quizlet users. If you create a folder and add only private sets, other users will see an empty folder if they click on the title to view the contents.

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