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Editing or deleting a set

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018 12:08PM PDT

You can easily edit or delete sets you've created on the Quizlet website. Using Quizlet on an iOS or Android device? Check out the linked articles for instructions on editing sets on the apps.

To edit a set on the Quizlet website, go to the set page and select the edit icon. 

To change your set's title, select the existing title. To edit or add an optional set description, select edit and then select the i icon above the diagram image upload box. 

Editing a set

Updating privacy and editing permissions

To adjust your set's visibility or editing permissions, select Change below the current setting.

Changing term or definition language

Select a term or definition. Then, select the text of the current language to choose a new language for that side of your set from the language selection menu.

Adding terms and definitions

Select + Add card at the bottom of the page, or select the last definition and press the Tab key.

To insert a row in the middle of your set, use your cursor to hover between two rows and select the plus icon.

Re-ordering terms and definitions

You can drag and drop rows to reorder them within your set. Hover over the row until your cursor becomes an arrow, then select and drag the row to its new location.

To swap terms and definitions between columns, select the double-sided arrow

Deleting terms and definitions

To delete a row, hover over the row number. Then, select the trash can

When you're finished, select Done to save your changes.

Deleting a set you created

Go to the set page and open the More menu. Then, select Delete


Can I delete more than one set at a time?

Not currently, but that's something we hope to support in the future so it's easier to clean up your account! 

I don't see the option to delete a set from Latest Activity. How can I remove it?

It's not possible to delete sets you didn't create, but you can remove sets made by others from your Latest Activity feed. First, select Your Study Sets from the left sidebar of your logged-in homepage. Then, select Studied, open the More menu next to the title of the set you want to remove, and select Remove

I'm logged in but don't see the option to edit my set. What's going wrong?

This is most likely happening because you're logged into an account that you didn't use to create the set. If the username on the set page and the username in the top right corner of your screen don't match, you can confirm that you're logged into another account. If you sign out of that account and sign into the account you used to create your set, you'll be able to edit it. 

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