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Adding images to your sets from Quizlet's free gallery

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2018 04:41PM PST

You can enhance your study sets by adding images to the definition side of your flashcards with Quizlet’s free image gallery!

If you'd like to upload images from your computer or add them from another website, you can upgrade to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher. Learn more about uploading your own images here.

Getting started

You can add images to new sets as well and sets you've already made.

To add images to a new set, select Create at the top of your logged-in homepage.
To add images to an existing set, go to the set page and select Edit

Screenshot of set page with Edit icon highlighted

Adding images

To add an image to a card select the image icon next to the definition. Image options will appear based on your term, but you can also Search Quizlet images for something more specific. Scroll through results using the arrows. Then, choose an image to add it to your definition.

Screenshot of create set screen with add an image icon highlighted

Add images to as many definitions as you'd like, then select Done. You’ll be able to see the images you added on the set page, in Quizlet’s study modesand on the Quizlet mobile apps.

Can't find what you're looking for? Try typing a different search term into the image search text box. 


Removing images

To remove an image, go to the set page and select Edit. Select the Change image icon next to the definition. Then, select Remove image.



Can I add an image to the term side?

Images are only available on the definition side of flashcards, but you can choose to be prompted with either term or definition when studying. This way you can control whether you see your images first.

Can I add images using my iPad, iPhone or Android device?

You can add images using your mobile device or tablet by opening the Quizlet website in your device’s web browser. We don't yet support adding images from the Quizlet gallery on our iOS and Android apps.

Why can't I see my images?

Quizlet may be blocked on the network you’re using. Even if you can still access the Quizlet website, the image gallery may still be blocked. Ask your IT administrator to allow access to all of Quizlet's domains and IP addresses by whitelisting the URLs listed here.

How do I resize images?

Quizlet automatically resizes images to fit specific parameters. Users cannot adjust the size of Quizlet gallery images or uploaded images.


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