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Studying with Long-Term Learning

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018 03:48PM PST
Long-Term Learning is a Quizlet Plus feature available on the Quizlet website and iOS app. Based on the concept of spaced repetition, Long-Term Learning helps you study more efficiently and retain what you’ve learned for longer periods of time by using a flashcard-style study mode.
While you’re studying with Long-Term Learning, Quizlet will track which terms you know and don't know. Questions you don't know will be repeated more frequently during study sessions so you can focus on learning them; material you know well will only be presented once in a while.

Your first Long-Term Learning session 

To start Long-Term Learning, you will need a folder containing all the study sets you want to review using this study mode. When you start a new Long-Term Learning session on a folder, Quizlet will prompt you to study 10 terms and definitions from the sets in your folder. Instructions on how to get started with Long-Term Learning on the Quizlet website or iOS app can be found below.
After you review each card, you’ll choose Know or Don’t know.

Screenshot of Long Term Learning with Know and Don't Know highlighted
Terms you don’t know will continue to be presented to you until you mark that you know them. Once you’ve indicated that you know all ten terms, Quizlet will consider your studying done for the day. But you can always continue to review your material to get ahead.
Quizlet will ask you if you want to view your progress, keep studying, or if you are finished for the day. The more you study the first day, the more you'll get to review over the next few days!
If you enable notification reminders, Quizlet will prompt you to start another session of Long-Term Learning at regular intervals. The more you study the first day, the more you'll get to review over the next few days!
Each day, you will need to know more and more terms to complete your Long-Term Learning session. You’ll review the terms you’ve struggled with plus the terms you already know to ensure that you will retain them. You can also choose to skip material and study it again the next day.
As with Learn mode, you can also select the Type the answer setting to enter answers rather than choosing Know or Don’t know.
When you're done studying, you can view your progress on the folder page, or keep studying to review more terms. Quizlet determines the number of terms to show you during each session based on how many terms you’ve already reviewed that day.

Starting a Long-Term Learning study session on the website 

  1. Create a folder
  2. Add the sets you want to study with Long-Term Learning by selecting Add a set and then the plus icon
  3. Select Start Now to begin studying.  Screenshot of Long-Term Learning folder with Start Long-Term Learning highlighted

Starting a Long-Term Learning study session on the iOS app

  1. Go to the set page and tap the more button (indicated by three dots)
  2. Tap the Long-Term Learning icon
  3. Tap Create a new folder or Add to existing folder. When studying with Long-Term Learning, you’ll review all of the sets in this folder. To remove a set from the folder, left-swipe and tap Remove
  4. To start Long-Term Learning, tap the more button
  5. Go to settings
  6. Toggle the Enabled switch on/off to enable Long-Term Learning
  7. Toggle the study reminders switch on/off if you would like to receive emails reminding you to study. You can adjust your notifications preferences by selecting the Account icon.
  8.  Tap save to make your changes

Keeping track of your progress

As you study, you'll see your progress increase. At specific times, Quizlet will prompt you to study a term or definition again to make sure you still know it. Once you’ve answered something correctly several times in a row, it will be counted as one of the concepts you know well. If you answer incorrectly, it will be counted as a concept you don't know.
You'll see a chart showing your Long-Term Learning activity over the last seven days, with a summary of the number of terms you've studied each day. These terms will be sorted into four categories, what you Don’t know, Know Okay, Know, and Know Well.

Screenshot of Long-Term Learning stats

Reminders and notifications

Quizlet will send you emails reminding you to study. Long-Term Learning will ask you to review terms and definitions that you’ve reviewed before, and will gradually introduce new ones.
You can always turn off notifications for a specific folder by selecting the more menu and then selecting disable notifications.

Screenshot of Notifications button

You can also disable all Long-Term Learning reminders from the Settings page. Go to Settings and then Notifications. From there, you can change the types of notifications you receive and when you receive them. You can also change your due date from the settings section of this same page.

Screenshot of Email Notifications on Settings page


How do I turn off Long-Term Learning? 

Once you’ve started studying a folder with Long-Term Learning, it’s not possible to turn it off. But you can avoid seeing study reminders and other Long-Term Learning prompts by creating a new folder with the same sets and studying that instead. On the iOS app, you can disable notifications by tapping the Account icon at the bottom of your screen, going to Settings and then selecting Notifications.

Is Long-Term Learning available for Android?

Long-Term Learning isn’t available on the Quizlet Android app, and it’s not something we’re currently planning to add.

Can I change the due date in Long-Term Learning? 

There is not an option to either set or change a due date for your exam in this study mode. But this option is available in the Learn study mode.

If I study on the website and then study on the app, will Long-Term Learning still track my progress?

Yes, your study activity will sync between the website and iOS app as long as you are studying the same folder and stay logged in to your Quizlet account. If you are studying offline, your study activity will sync once you reconnect to wifi or data.

Is there a way to adjust how many cards you see a day?

Long-Term Learning employs a technique called spaced repetition which is meant to present you with terms you don't know over a long period of time to ensure complete mastery and improved retention. There are many factors that go into how long it takes to move your terms from 'don't know' to 'know well'.

Because this technique calculates how many cards you need to see each day, you cannot manually adjust this number. Please also note that Long-Term Learning only factors in the first 10 cards it shows you each day into your mastery, all the other terms you review that day are not counted toward this calculation.


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